Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Music Collective vol. 69 {Chymere's IG Mixtape vol. IV + V}

Journal entry | 03.09.2020

I'm really starting to think that I tend to not get what I want, simply because I don't always stand on what I say I want, especially when it comes to what I expect from other people or decisions that involve certain other people. It irks me into frustration (with myself), because it's do I go about reprogramming this less than desirable aspect of myself, honestly? What happened to that wide-eyed ambitious girl who recognized what she wanted and didn't stop until she got it? I miss her...I need her. I miss the adrenaline rush of achieving or obtaining something, off the strength of determination to make it happen. How do I get back to myself?

Gotta get her back, someway...somehow. Together, we'd be unstoppable. 

This set of playlists are dedicated to the fight it took to get myself back. Press play..enjoy. | Available on Apple Music and Spotify.

// vol. IV

// vol. V


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